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Penalized by Google? A Leading Search Engine Placement Company Offers Sound Advice

No one enjoys the aftermath of a Google update or the penalties that often follow such an event. Truthfully, many may not even realize the full potential to greatly reduce business profits through adversely impacted search engine rankings as a result of such an update. We've seen many websites hammered by Google in the past year and generally see the same weaknesses repeatedly. If you're searching for a way to reverse this damage, read through our list of common website problems penalized by recent Google updates for some excellent remedies. Although, we recommend working with an experienced search engine placement company for the greatest success, the list that follows will provide you with some workable solutions to begin making the necessary repairs in order to regain healthy rankings and website traffic.

Over optimization of anchor text
It's important to consider the use of targeted SEO keywords for use on website pages very carefully.  Too little or too much can render a page ineffective for engaging target audiences and passing Google's perception of a website's overall content quality.  The best SEO company knows that if every link to your website uses the same keyword phrases repeatedly, it may appear quite fishy to Google.  The links to your site need a wide variety of branded and non-branded SEO keywords for the most successful results.

Not enough natural links
It's hard to get people to talk about a company and Google is getting clever enough to spot this.  So, if all of your links are older and perhaps created by another SEO company, Google will likely possess the ability to discern the fake conversations from the realistic.  When this happens, Google may simply stop counting such backlinks in your favor.  The result is a steady decline in traffic and rankings.  Our solution is to get people talking about you online.  We've figured out how to do this using social media, blogging, and Google Alerts.  Give us a call and we'll explain how all of these techniques work together to create a more natural backlink profile.

Lack of quality content
Sure you have a few articles about "helpful uses for widgets," but that isn't enough.  You need to be the ultimate resource on a subject for Google to really perceive a website as an authority on a relevant topic.  This means you need way more than one or two articles - in fact, you need twenty or more!  For the most effective content plan, you'll want to answer every conceivable question someone might have about  your widgets - from the manufacturing process to the cost of production, preferred uses, creative applications, and so much more.

Ensure content engages site visitors
An experienced search engine placement company knows it's not rocket science to sift through a website's pages to determine which possess quality content that engages site visitors and which make visitors bounce back to Google to find a better resource.  Google keeps track of your website's bounce rates and regularly penalizes sites with a high bounce.  In SEO, you never want to see high bounce rates!  There are easy ways to analyze a site's performance to determine the relative bounce rates by landing page, specific keyword phrases, and more.  By making use of these analytical tools, you can work to make every page more appealing and helpful to visitors - ensuring they stay on your site.

Well rounded social media presence
Finally, consider your business presence on the full range of popular social media platfroms.  From LinkedIn to Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, Google+, and even local reviews; each of these venues plays into your website's overall online clout.  It's imperative for all websites to practice due diligence by making certain they maintain an active presence on each social media platform.  Remember, Google is keeping tabs.

So, how vulnerable is your website?  We can help you to assess the health of any website while offering effective solutions to overcome a recent Google penalty.  Experience the difference that the best SEO company can make for your revenue through proactive and ongoing website analysis. Give us a call or complete our online form for personalized assistance with your unique business challenges today!

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