Pre diagnosis

My story starts the same way that most cancer stories start. Something just didn’t feel right. For me, I just figured I was aging. Getting old. I was getting slower, and faster then my peers. I didn’t want to believe it though. But, it wasn’t that I was avoiding the idea that maybe I was getting cancer. I was just avoiding the fact that as  36 year old male, if I’m training hard, I should be faster the 43mi for a 10k.

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We went to the ER, I gave the doc my theory about how I was curing my fatigue thru ginger juice. He sort of smiled at me, but it was with the painful knowledge that my hemoglobin was at 105, I had asymptomatic swollen lymph nodes.  This meant it was either lymphoma or leukaemia. He was thinking lymphoma, but didn’t tell me.

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The Weekend.

That was a long weekend. I kept trying to find weird illnesses that caused enemia, fatigue, and swollen lymph nodes. There really aren’t any. But I kept looking. To make a low story short, we made our appointment on tuesday. The doc took m blood, did a bone marrow biopsy. Then she left. She said “I’ll look at your blood under a microscope. I’ll let you know in 5 min if you have cancer. Then she left, and I stared at the door. It’s a weird feeling wondering if you have cancer.
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