Customized SEO Strategy from Bergstrom

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(included in all SEO plans)
Website & Keyword Analysis
  • Website quality analysis
  • Google Analytics & Google webmaster tools installation
  • Keyword research, performance and competition analysis
  • Adword campaign development & management
  • Conversion analysis
Natural Buzz Creation
    This technique allows us to embedd natural links into the natural conversations around your industry, your company, and your competitors.
  • We create & distribute paid press releases to increase the buzz & discussion around your website (we are partially a PR firm).
  • We monitor existing buzz around your website, your competitors website, and your keywords. When appropriate, join in the discussion and talk about your website.
  • We keep any naturally discussion about your firm going as long as possible, thus naturally adding to the online buzz around your site.
  • We create new online discussions about you which makes you look important because people are talking about you. and make sure that existing conversations about your keywords include references to interesting content about said keyword on your website.
  • We make sure that existing conversations about your keywords include references to interesting content about said keyword on your website. This makes your website seem important to your keywords, because whenever people talk about your keywords online, they link to your website as a reference.
Broken Link Link Building
    This technique allows us scour the web looking for quick quality websites within your industry that have a broken link to an external website. We send them an email, and ask if they can update the dead link so that it goes to us instead. It's tough to do right, and sometimes offering the webmaster for their trouble helps. It actually brings down the makes the cost per blog posting by increasing the conversion rate of our emails to bloggers.
  • Create a list of high quality websites relevant to your keywords
  • Use tools such as, Domain Hunter Plus and Xenu Link Sleuth to find a list of pages with dead links. These tools quickly checks for dead links on a webite and provides us with a list. We Export this data to Excel.
  • Run a check on the URL to ensure that it is in fact high quality. This extra check is so we can be absolutely sure we're only asking for links from high quality sites
  • Create a list of high quality pages on your website that talks about the same subject matter that we want to generate links to.
  • Email the webmaster and ask him to link to a page we have chosen from the list above.
Guest Blog Posting
    This is a good way to get links from high profile bloggers. If you can find a few high quality bloggers, and motivate them to talk about your website, then you will see an improvement in your rankings, but like any technique, you can't use it to generate 90%+ of your links.
  • Write multiple blog posts. Write posts with a variety of writing styles, and ensure that they all have embedded, relevant, non-copyright images. Add a few inconspicious links to your website.
  • Create a list of bloggers with blogs relevant to your industry.
  • See if bloggers accept guest posts and their guest posting requirements. The obvious way to see if a blog accepts guest posts is to see if they’ve published any in the past.
  • Choose a blog post that fits the style of the blog, and send off a personalized email to the blog owner.
  • It also often helps to offer them $5 in Paypal cash or $7.50 in StumbleUpon traffic (cost is ten cents a visitor). Bloggers have a hard time turning down traffic. 75 visitors isn't much, and the traffic is going to a post that talks about you. So, it's win-win for everyone.
  • Follow up - It's OK to send them a casual and to the point email them a few times until they respond.
Competition Analysis
    Your competitors have links. We can look at the URLs linking to your competitors, and work on getting you links from the same places. The process is pretty simple to explain, but you need to be clever to implement it properly.
  • Generate a list of competitors that are ranking well for your top keywords
  • Use SEOMoz to generate a list of links to each of your competitors websites.
  • Use SEOMoz to determine the value of each link
  • Export the list to excel, and create a list of websites/URLs we think we can get links from.
  • Approach the webmasters from each website and see if they'll link to us.
  • As with the blog posting, it's usually helps to offer them a little gift (money or traffic) as our way of saying thanks. Time is money, and the improved response rate usually makes up for the cost.
Performance Reporting
    We also provide monthly reporting. This reporting let's you know exactly what we're doing. We don't hide anything from you. We want you to know exactly what we're working on (and let us know if you see anything you'd like us to change).
  • Weekly Traffic Report & Weekly Activities Report
  • Monthly Performance Report that includes traffic, keyword performance, link popularity, Google Page Rank, and link building recap
(included in all plans)
On-Page SEO
  • Keyword density and internal linking pattern analysis
  • Meta Description tag optimization
  • Page Title optimization
  • Detailed On-Page SEO Recommendations report
  • Customized blog setup designed to match the CLIENT website(s) utilizing Wordpress software
  • Redesign of high bounce rate pages
  • Rewrite of high bounce rate pages
Quality Niche Content
    Content is fundamental to SEO. We typically spend 30% of the SEO budget writing and editing content for your website. Over time, this content generates large amounts of traffic for your website.
  • Blog setup & customization
  • Article writing
  • Blog writing
  • Press release writing
It's important to use as wide a veriety of backlink generation techniques as possible. We spend 10% of our time working on the techniques below.
  1. Article postings
  2. Blog postings
  3. Non-paid Press release submissions
  4. Directory submissions
  5. Forum posting
  6. Links from social media
  7. Wikipage link
  8. Social bookmarking pyramid
  9. RSS feed submission
  10. Public timeline profile
  11. Profile link
  12. Trackback link
The top SEO companies use only proven organic search engine optimization strategies. These strategies are at the core of every customized Bergstrom SEO service and plan. What is organic SEO? In a nutshell, it is using interesting, relevant copy to attract human readers to increase ranking on the search engine result pages of Google and other major search engines. Of course, it also means paying attention to keywords, backlinking, and link building, but the copy isn't stuffed with keywords and irrelevant links that make it impossible to understand. We write copy to attract customers and clients who are interested in purchasing your products and services. That's what SEO is all about—increasing traffic to your website, and thus, increasing sales and profits.

We'll create a five-step, custom-tailored SEO program for you while keeping your goals in mind.
  1. It starts with thorough research, assessment, and analysis to devise your uniquely successful SEO program.
  2. We'll develop high-quality content to fit your goals using only honest, proven organic SEO methods.
  3. We keep in touch with you every step of the way, requesting your approval of content before it is posted online by our technical team.
  4. Our SEO services don't stop after your content is posted. We analyze it to make sure it is working to meet your ultimate goals. We continue to make adjustments because we love to see successful results.
  5. We keep you informed of results and continue to revisit your unique SEO plan, because SEO is dynamic and changes according to updated search engine algorithms and according to the landscape of competition in your niche.
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