Using Content Writing as a Powerful Optimization Technique

A website is only as good as its content, which is why content writing is a crucial part of any SEO plan. Google currently places a great deal of emphasis on well-written, relevant and optimized SEO copy writing that is unique to the website. Websites that are lacking unique or relevant content are ultimately penalized on Google and rankings will diminish over time. Just as backlink services are necessary to establish a website as the foremost leading resource for a certain topic, product or service, SEO writing services are equally as important. Website writing services ensure that a website is ranking for targeted keywords while providing relevant information.

SEO writing services are typically included in plans devised by search engine optimization companies. However, SEO copywriting should not be focused on only one niche or one area of the web. Copy should be diverse and written for multiple platforms, such as social media, for niche sections on the specific website, and for backlink generation. Creating unique and new copy for each article is important so that the website is not penalized for duplicate content issues. This often becomes an issue when a business hires an SEO company that is inexperienced or utilizes black hat search engine optimization techniques, which ultimately harms a website and its rankings on Google. Additionally, it is vital that all SEO copy writing is essentially well written. Not only will visitors to the website be turned off by poor grammar or spelling, but Google will also recognize this and – you guessed it – penalize the website.

At Bergstrom SEO, Inc., we regard copywriting as an essential part of our SEO techniques and plans. With dedicated professional writers and editors on staff, we are able to create specialized content specific to each client every month. We understand our content is written for people, not search engines, and we write accordingly.

Meet our Senior Staff

Anne Roos
Senior Editor | Technical Writer
Anne Roos is a senior copywriter for Bergstrom SEO, Inc., with experience writing on both technical and non-technical subjects. As a graduate of UCLA with a degree in Mathematics, data analysis comes naturally to her. She has applied these skills to writing pieces that help companies gain SEO and conversion rates. She is also adept in writing for social media and blogs, helping clients attract more fans and website visitors. As a professional musician, she is the author of two manuals published by Hal Leonard Books.

Shannon Earley

Senior Media Specialist | Content Editor
Shannon Earley is a copywriter and editor for Bergstrom SEO, Inc. She graduated in 2010 with a bachelor's degree in print journalism and has gone on to write for various publications, including local newspapers in the Lake Tahoe and Chicagoland areas. She spends her free time hiking and lounging at the beach.

Shel Spaulding-Moore

Director, Marketing & Content Development
With over 17 years of experience in advertising communications, Shel has worked with many facets of business writing including; advertising and SEO copywriting, technical writing, and publishing creative poetry and fiction. Her extensive marketing production and editing background enables her to manage our content development operations, making sure that all content written by our writers is up to the high standards shared by both Bergstrom SEO, Inc. and our clients.
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