Here at Bergstrom, we are among the top SEO companies because we specialize in “white hat” strategies to get your brand the recognition it deserves on the Internet. White hat SEO techniques, also known as organic SEO, involve providing your website visitors with interesting, relevant quality content that is active and well-organized. Keywords are not stuffed into the verbiage to render it nonsensical. Useful links are provided to relevant pages—No tiny text or hidden links. Original content is used, avoiding copying material found on other sites. Employing white hat techniques keeps your page high on Google Search engine results, attracting your target customers and clients to your site. Bergstrom only uses these white hat techniques, making it the best organic SEO marketing company to turn to for strategizing your company’s unique search engine optimization plan.

How do we conform to these white hat techniques? Or staff includes a team of expert copywriters who are aware of the constant changes in Google’s algorithm. They can write on virtually any subject, from the most complex product descriptions to web pages and blog posts that attract clients like honey attracts bees. They write relevant, original content in plain English to be understood by human beings, not search engine bots. Not only do your prospective customers and clients like this, and so does Google and other search engines. Our proven SEO strategies utilize the development of unique page titles and tags in tandem with compelling content. To develop your own unique stamp on the Internet that brings more customers and clients to your door, contact us today for our FREE detailed SEO site analysis.

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