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Niche Sections

If you double the amount of keyword rich content on your website, you usually also double the traffic you get from Google. We like to both add keywords to existing content and write new content. Much of this content is added to niche sections.

We’d also like to look for ways to create niche sections. A niche section is folder on your website that contains many articles about a given subject. The goal is for Google to concluded that "Wow, this website truly is the ultimate resource on major-keyword. Not only do they have 50 articles about major-keyword, but they have articles about many related topics.

As an example, if we want to ranking highly for “social media marketing”, then we might want to create a folder on the website with the following URL: www.bergstrom-seo.com/on-page-seo/. To really impress Google, it would be useful to have 10+ pages in this section. Each page will be optimized for both the main keyword (“on-page-seo" and a related keyword (“SEO content optimization”).

Google looks at this and says “wow”, www.bergstrom-seo.com truly is the ultimate resource on the internet. Not only do they have content related to ”on page SEO”, but they have articles about many related topics. So, to follow our own advice, we need to add 20-30 pages to this section, and we are writing more content for this niche section. 

The challenge is to add 50+ pages, and not clutter up the top navigation, or provide users with too many pages. The solution for this niche is to put the most relevant and interesting posts in the top navigation. Additional pages will be accessible via a bullet list of content at the bottom on the main page in the niche section. 

Also, in order to avoid writing more new content then we need to, we can let you know if there are any pages on your website that aren’t generating any traffic or page views. These pages can generally be moved to the niche section such as www.yourdomainname.com/major-keyword/minor-keyword.html. If we can move some of these articles over to this section (adding keywords to the articles in the process), then we should be able to create a few more effective niche sections without too much additional work. We might be able to look at some of the articles in the blog, and work on getting additional SEO value from them.

We’ve also found that it is best if not all content is in niche sections. Our team can help either write or repurpose content which could be located right on a site's root folder.

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