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Other Backlink Techniques

It’s useful to use as many different backlink techniques as possible. It doesn’t matter how good any one specific technique is, if every link is from the same sort of site and uses the same sort of process then your backlink profile will inevitably start to look a little suspicious. Every website and niche is different, and we don’t use these techniques for all websites (and sometimes we spend only 1hr/month on one of these techniques). We like to make sure we investigate every singly opportunity to generate high quality links to your website. Here are some additional opportunities that we look at
  • Every industry has its leaders and if you can get on their radar -- and offer them something of value -- you should have no problem getting a link from them.
  • Links from other people on Twitter - FollowerWonk is a nifty program by SEOMoz that quantifies Twitter influence. Reach out to people on twitter with a high influence and ask them to link to us. They often like a little gift $5 or some (stumplupon credits usually works) to tweet about your site. 
  • Once you’ve created a Google+ account and linked it to your site, increasing +1 shares from G+ and people in your circle usually equal  higher rankings. Google really wants people to start using Google+ and this is a good way to reward people for creating and using a Google+ account. 
  • Topsy - Topsy is a search engine that ranks content based on social shares and it's another awesome tool for finding industry leaders. Generally, content that's shared the most comes from authorities.
  • First contact & relationship building -- For high value contacts, we don't ask for a link right away. Instead, we initiate the contact without asking for anything right away. Keep in mind these aren't one-off contacts. You may need to reach out subtly, but consistently for weeks before you really get through.
  • Wikipedia page creation that links to your website (company or keyword page – one time)
  • LinkedIn & Facebook Page creation, management, and/or guidance
  • Pinterest page creation management and/or guidance
  • Buzzstream – this is just another tool to find people on the web of influence. We can go through the list every month or two, and sometimes we find some good people to target for obtaining high quality backlinks
  • Web directories (Our biggest concern here is that if we need to remove link to your site from directories.)  Today, Google only values directories that truly hold relevance for a specific website or industry.  Generic directories just don't cut it.  Instead, you need to ensure participation of this kind is only with highly relevant, trusted, and high quality directories that fit your business. 
  • Blog commenting on high profile blogs, news article websites, and business publication websites (we need to be careful here, but this works well if it's done right)
  • Yahoo Answers
  • Manual link building - taking advantage of existing contacts you have within your industry to gain links - actual colleagues/companies/associations  that you know)
  • Craigslist posting - if relevant to industry or business
  • Classified add postings - if relevant to industry or business
  • Contact local news media sources by phone or email and try to gain editorial exposure for relevant stories (Asking them to publish your press releases, etc.)
  • Business profiles for your business
  • RSS Feed creation and syndication
  • Ask Twitter, FB, other fans and follows to talk about your site
  • Product reviews
  • Paid Stumbles
  • Scoop.it
  • Try to be included in blogger Link Roundups.
  • Ensure submission in as many blog aggregators as possible
  • Business listing sites
  • Audio sharing sites - dependent on client-supplied compatible content
  • Youtube channel - dependent on client-supplied compatible content
  • Knowem  - compiles business, personal, and freelance profile, portfolio and social sites all in one place.
  • .Edu and .Gov Link Building  - these backlinks are ultra high quality and quite time consuming links that are not always possible to achieve. A Google search of this form "site:.edu keyword+ inurl:resources" will help find some opportunities.
  • Alumni news - If you're a graduate of a US-based university you can sometimes get a link to your site in the alumni news section of your Alma Mater's site.
  • Local resources pages - If you run a local brick and mortar business, like a restaurant or a hotel, you can usually get an easy, powerful link from a University's admission page. These pages are there to help visiting students and families find local accommodation and amenities.
  • University discounts - Most universities post a list of businesses that offer discounts and deals for faculty and students on the site. And you don't have to be a local business to get listed, either. As long as you sell something of value on your site — and can offer a deal to a number of schools — you can potentially get a ton of links.
  • Use Hootsuite to track and execute social media postings and engagement for managed personas
  • Google+ search - The growing social network Google+ is an untapped gold mine for sites that openly accept guest posts. However, because these don't have the same amount of results as the Google index, you usually have to be a bit broader with your search strings.
  • Social shares – Work on outreach to social media followers and ask them to share our top social media content.  Initiate engagement and activity through leading social media platforms

The top SEO companies understand the importance of building high-quality backlinks. These links to your own website appear on other sites, and they tell search engines that your site is popular. Popularity is an essential way to rise in the search engine rankings.

Here at Bergstrom, we build high quality backlinks by using only the best SEO company techniques. We create high-quality content is critical for posts on blogs and social media that include backlinks to your website. We pride ourselves on writing compelling copy that attracts customers and clients to your website. Count on us to take the time to design a link-building plan that works for you and your brand's particular niche in the marketplace.

We'll get the word out about your brand by using social media, creating posts that include backlinks to your website. This causes a buzz about your company as people chat about your products and services online. Your target customers and clients read a fascinating post on a social network, click on a link that is relevant to the topic that interests them, and voilà! They've landed on your website. We submit well-written articles that contain backlinks to your site, to social networks, forums, Wiki pages, and more. Ask about our popular guest blogging program. At Bergstrom, we believe that building high-quality links is fundamental to organic search engine optimization.

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