Search engine optimization companies strive to increase traffic to clients’ sites. There are hundreds of different ways to generate traffic to a website. You can pursue paid methods like Pay Per Click (PPC) campaigns, media buy and prepaid advertisement or look for free traffic generating techniques like article marketing, link exchanges and more. Whatever SEO ideas you have, you should not go it alone! You should instead engage an affordable SEO company for SEO services on your site.

In order to drive traffic from search engines, a reputable search engine marketing company will pick the right keywords and optimize the site for these keywords. Keywords are the keys to the door of traffic. Once you have the right keywords you can boost your site with free-targeted traffic to increase revenue. Choosing keywords is a very important stage in the development of your Internet based business. SEO consultants should have a careful and thoughtful approach to keywords selection.

Many SEO service companies make the following mistakes when choosing keywords:

1. They choose general keyword terms. You will not be able to rank high for general keywords because large competition and as a result you will not receive traffic. The goal for choosing keywords is getting as much targeted traffic as possible.

2. What do people want when they are searching for your product or site? You need to ask yourself this question when you select keywords. Try to make your keywords as specific as possible in order to attract more targeted traffic. For example, if your site is about vintage cars, choosing the keyword “cars” will rather be senseless, as searching for “cars” someone may mean the most popular cars today, available brands of cars, the history of cars, the best cars, the cheapest cars and so on. “Cars” is a general word and has enormous competition, thus your hard work will hardly pay off.

3. They don’t choose long-tail keyword terms. The intent behind the short term is usually very broad thus the traffic coming from the short term is not targeted. If you ranked high for the short term you may have a lot of traffic but less conversions. Long-tail keywords describe what is in the mind of the searcher, thus they are more specific. For example, the term “buy a vintage car in New York” clearly shows the intent behind it. If you are selling vintage cars in New York, the traffic coming from this phrase is better for your online business than just “cars.”

Instead of ranking your site for one word keywords with high competition that will bring you tons of untargeted traffic, it makes more sense to optimize your site for easier to rank long-tail terms that will bring you more targeted traffic and therefore help you generate more sales.