Computers can beat humans at chess, fly planes, and drive cars... Can computers also do a better job than humans can at optimizing Adwords campaigns?

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The Machines haven't completely taken over.

We'll personally help you run your campaign.
We'll spend hours per month providing strategy, advice, and make sure your campaign is setup properly.

hours usually enough to manage a campaign size. If you are like more help, that's great. We LOVE helping clients!

Our fee for extra help is just $59/hour, and we'll hold your hand every step of the way!

Managing Your Adwords Account Just Got Easy

You can now change your bid for every single keyword in a campaign with just two button clicks. It's really that easy.

Trying to get the bids right for over 500 products is hard. It takes thousands of calculations to setup the bids in a medium sized Adwords campaign properly.

The math is time consuming for a human, but for a computer, it's easy. Adwords management is a task that is perfectly suited for computers.

We're a bunch of math nerds that built a machine. Pour numbers into the top, and watch as money comes out the bottom.

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