The best SEO company would tell any website about the importance of search functionality. After arriving at your website, you do not want the user to waste time searching for information on your website manually. A search function is essential for user friendly website.

Try to include a sitemap or search index. A sitemap lists all of the content of a website in a hierarchical order, while a search index retrieves content based on search terms specified by the visitor. If your website has a plethora of information, it can become difficult for a visitor to find specific information. In these situations, a search utility plug-in can do the job.

How to put a search engine on a website
If you enlist the services of the best SEO company, they can advise you how to include a search function on your website. You have two options: run CGI on all website content or use JavaScript to search individual pages.

Try remotely hosted CGI search functionality
Subscribe to a search service provider. Once you have subscribed, the search provider catalogs your website in their records. You can then add search text and associated criteria to your web pages. Your visitors then use this search text and find associated content through the search engine.

However, there are limitations to this approach. You will have to take whatever services the company provides even if you have ideas of your own. You are limited to what the company has, but it is still a feasible idea. Ask your web hosting service provider for details or choose a SEO company to help you log search terms on your website. Collect the search terms and inform your service provider. Based on this, they can update your website’s search index.