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Conversion funnel optimization

After you've Chosen keywords, Conversion Funnel Optimization is Next
Here's why. If you are generating traffic to your website, and the traffic isn't converting, then you will lose money on any form of online marketing that you do. There's no point in buying Adwords PPC traffic if the traffic doesn't generate revenue. The same is true for SEO and Facebook marketing.

What sort of revenue / visitor can you expect for website traffic?
Our own website (bergstrom-seo.com) generates one client for every 150 visitor. Each client spends $25k on average (but don't worry, you don't have to spend that much). That's $25,000 / 150 = $166 / visitor. Your website should also generate one client every 150-200 visitors. So, if a client spends $5k on average, the average revenue per visitor (on relevant traffic - so the revenue/visitor will be lower if you include total website traffic), should be around $50/visitor. If your website generates $10/visitor, we won't worry about this too much right away. But, if the site is generating 50 cents per visitor, then we have a problem, and it's pointless to discuss SEO, PPC, Facebook until we've solved the revenue / visitor issue.

Conversion funnel optimization: If you’d like, we can review the conversion funnel of the website, and try to find ways to improve it through A/B testing. The power of A/B testing has become an open secret of conversion funnel optimization. It’s now the standard means through which Silicon Valley improves its online products. Using A/B testing, new ideas can be focus-group tested in near real time.

Website Conversion Rates: We will review the overall conversion rate of the website. If necessary, we can help you work with a graphic designer to make changes that will increase the revenue per visitor to the website, however this enhanced service may involve additional costs. In general, our team regularly reviews a website's bounce rates and conversion rates by keyword/page. We work to understand the information visitors to the website are trying to locate and then ensure that this information is dominant on appropriate pages. It's also possible for our group to perform some A>B testing where we make small changes to a website while monitoring to see what happens to conversion and bounce rates for improved fine-tuning of SEO goals and business objectives.

Bounce Rates: It's important to look at the bounce rates on the top landing pages of any website. A high bounce rate means that people aren't engaged by a site's content. In many cases, such a site has, perhaps, not answered the visitor's question. As a result, the unhappy visitor leaves your website and clicks on an alternate site listed in Google search engine results pages. Google tracks this user behavior and penalizes you if your bounce rate climbs too high. We'll help you reduce your bounce rate and improve your conversion rate (the percentage of visitors that become customers). We like to create a list of top landing pages with high bounce rates, and work with you to lower the bounce rates on these pages.

Some users are diverted to a slightly different version of a given web page and their behavior compared against the users on the standard site. If the new version proves superior—gaining more clicks, longer visits, more purchases—it will displace the original; if the new version is inferior, it’s quietly phased out without most users ever seeing it. A/B allows seemingly subjective questions of design—color, layout, image selection, text—to become incontrovertible matters of data-driven social science.

The key pages to edit using this process are:
(a) top landing pages,
(b) contact form(s),
(c) to exit pages in the conversion funnel, and
(d) pages with high bounce rates.

Bergstrom Increases Your Website Conversion Rate
Your website visitors come to your site to do something—Maybe they're checking out your company, or maybe they are checking out your product. It isn't enough for them to stop by for a visit, because a short visit doesn't necessarily translate to a profit for your company. But if they complete an activity on your site—fill out an inquiry form, make a purchase—then they are establishing a connection with your website, your company, your products, and your services. They are no longer simply casual visitors. You've piqued their interest and have "converted" these visitors into potentially becoming loyal customers and clients. How can you increase this conversion rate? With the help of Bergstrom SEO, one of the top SEO companies, you'll see the difference.

It takes the best SEO company, Bergstrom SEO, to understand that the bounce rate of your website is closely tied to high conversion rates. What is a bounce rate? It's the percentage of website visitors that just stop by to look at one page of a website and then exit. There are multiple reasons why a website can suffer from high bounce rates. The experts at Bergstrom SEO can unravel this mystery for you. Whether a high bounce rate is due to design flaws or does not deliver content that is compelling enough, our team will analyze the situation and implement a plan to make your website "sticky" and to keep visitors from bouncing away from your site. Convert more of your website traffic into paying customers and clients. Contact us today.

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