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Common Problems that we see on client’s websites

While everyone if different, there are a few common SEO short comings we see on most clients’ websites. They are as follows:
  1. Determine the keywords responsible for generating most of the revenue on your website and determine if we should add these phrases to the list of keywords to optimize the website for. These keywords represent the proverbial low hanging fruit
  2. Create a niche section (such as www.XXXX.com/major-keyword) and use it to link to other pages in the folder, 
  3. Create a list of top landing pages with high bounce rates and work on getting the bounce rates down,
  4. Review the conversion funnel to identify and try to reduce the traffic we’re losing at top exit points, and
  5. Review the website in more detail, and determine if there are other small SEO changes that should be made.
  6. Add the contact us form to the main page of the website.While I don’t always like the say that having a contact form on the main page of the site looks, it seems to always improve the conversion rate of the site. We can always remove it if it doesn’t increase the amount of money that your website is bringing in.

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