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Link Building with Industry Journals and Reporters (When Applicable)

Reporters need help writing articles for online magazines, newspapers and industry journals. These websites are well respected by Google, are relevant to your industry, and thus can be a great source of backlinks. The goal here is to either:

 (a) work with reporters that need content for an existing articles they’re writing (see more at helpareporter.com), or
 (b) write content directly for an industry journal. 

The process is as follows:
  • Work together to generate a list of Industry journals to target and monitor sites such as helpareporter.com for opportunities.
  • Contact the journals with the goal of them publishing our content.
  • When we obtain an opportunity, www.XXXXX.com will write content for the journals.
  • Bergstrom-SEO will work with the online journal or reporter to ensure that the content written above is published. 
This technique does not result in a large number of links and it does not work for every client. However, the links are very relevant and high quality. 

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