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Increase Natural Buzz through Google Alerts Link Building

This technique allows us to infuse relevant discussion into the natural conversations happening within your industry, your company, and your competitors. Google Alerts (http://www.google.com/alerts) is a content detection and notification service, offered by Google. It automatically notifies us when Google finds new content from news, web, blogs, video and/or discussion groups matches a set of search terms selected by us.

Our team will use Google alerts to mine the internet to locate appropriate and relevant high quality links using advanced tools that monitor social media streams, online article feeds, and Google Alerts. Our link building process is focused on obtaining quality links to your website instead of mass quantities of poor quality links.
  • Our team uses Google Alerts to monitor the existing buzz surrounding your website, your competitors' websites, and your targeted keywords. When appropriate, our team joins in these discussions and modestly references your website.
  • We keep any natural discussion about your firm going as long as possible, thus enhancing existing the online buzz around your site and brand. 
  • We also create new online discussions in popular social media platforms, discussion forums, and other communities that position your company as an authority on relevant subjects.  These conversations often include references to interesting content with integration of preferred SEO keywords.  This makes your website seem important to your keywords, because whenever people talk about your keywords online, they link to your website as a reference.
  • We don't focus on a single type of site, but instead develop a working list that includes a range of online communities, social media groups/platforms, business blogs, industry association websites, business or consumer magazines online, etc.  Our team also works to identify potential opportunities for guest blogging with high profile bloggers. These are some of the toughest opportunities to secure, but they offer great dividends for a website in terms of backlink quality and Google perception. This one technique provides diversification of sources of links in an effort to develop a broad-reaching web of varied backlink types and resources.   

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