Strategies to Create Backlinks

It's hard to create real links to a website. An online shoe store or law firm website is usually just not that interesting. People aren't naturally linking to your new line of shoes on their own. As such, many less reputable SEO companies have relied on processes creating fake links. These techniques used to work very well and many of these SEO companies managed to stay one step ahead of Google for a while. However, the tables turned as Google gradually got smarter.

Google can easily spot which links are real and which are fake. If your links are fake, then today Google simply ignores them. The result is a steady decline in traffic and rankings. In worse cases, Google may even penalize a website due to its perception of low quality content and relevance when too many bad links are present. This is why most of our link building efforts rely on social media. However, there are a few other ways to generate real links. They are described in the pages in this section.

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