Search engine optimization for law firms requires particular finesse. Only the best SEO company techniques will produce results, which includes top-notch copywriting. Here at Bergstrom, we are considered one of the best SEO companies when it comes to copywriting specifically for law firm websites, blogs, and social networks. Here’s why:

  • We write compelling copy that will draw new clients to your company and will enhance your company’s online reputation.
  • We listen to you. We respect your instruction on the proper usage of legal terms for the specific law that your company practices.
  • Our writers create copy that demonstrates a strong command of the English language.

Here at Bergstrom, we don’t resort to stuffing your copy with keywords that render the information unintelligible. Instead, we write to those you want to reach. Our goal is to highlight your successful past trials, explain relevant information about your firm, and to educate potential clients. Your website visitors will have an intuitive understanding of the importance of contacting your firm for legal aid, and they will feel a sense of urgency, too. This kind of meaningful copy can help your website rise in search engine results, and therefore, create more traffic to your site. This translates to new clients, and it all starts with superior copywriting.

Read the articles below to understand how great copy is tantamount to attracting clients to your website. Then, turn to Bergstrom for your legal firm’s SEO plan.