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Distribution of deep vs. shallow links

Another concern of most penalized websites is a lack of balance or diversity when comparing a website's overall distribution of deep versus shallow backlinks. Deep links are those that point visitors to a deeper internal page on a given website. Shallow backlinks are the ones that simply point to a website's home page. In general, Google prefers the distribution of both types of backlinks to be balanced and diverse. So, even if a website possesses a healthy number of external backlinks, if these links don't direct traffic to a combination of deeper internal pages in addition to the site's home page, the site may be penalized. The image to the right illustrates a website's typical distribution of links to internal pages as well as the main page.

Our team regularly monitors the distribution of link building activity to ensure that all established links are pointing visitor traffic to a wide variety of web pages throughout a site. We use care to develop a network of high quality links that fulfill the balance of an SEO program's distribution of both deep and shallow links to reduce vulnerability to Google updates.

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