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Over-optimization of anchor text

A common problem of many websites penalized by Google is over-optimization of anchor text. This means that these websites do not possess a diverse selection of anchor text, or keywords. Rather, their existing selection may be oversaturated for specific keyword phrases. Google prefers websites to have a varied collection of keywords in use throughout all links - internal and external. So, if your website sells shoes and the main anchor text you've focused on has been limited to "children's shoes," or, "women's shoes," primarily, or even just branded keywords (your web address or business name), your site may be guilty of over-optimization.

To fix this problem, we begin with a thorough analysis of high performance keywords that translate into a very diverse list of anchor text choices for use in your SEO distribution. This selection includes a balanced mix of branded and non-branded search terms that are appropriate for a wide range of business niches. In our given example, the shoe website, a more diverse anchor text list might include an extended range of relevant keyword terms such as, "boys shoes," "girls shoes," "women's flats," and, "men's sneakers," etc., as well as branded keywords such as, "Joe's shoes," "Joe's shoes Seattle," "Joesshoes.com," and, "www.joesshoes.com." In general, you risk giving Google a red flag if more than 50% of the links to your website contain SEO keywords. As such, there's a good chance that we'll have to spend some time creating links with either your company name or URL as anchor text.

With regular monitoring you can correct the course of over-optimized anchor text by making intelligent adjustments to the specific anchor text used on all SEO distribution - from backlinks to social media postings, participation in forums, and more. We monitor our client's websites to resolve issues surrounding over-optimization of anchor text on a bimonthly basis.

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