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Avoiding Google penalties.

We are a small company from the USA that specializes in helping people recover from Google updates & penalties. We generally see the same problems over and over again. So, there are common problems, and also a proven solution.

We’re finding that the era of just creating links is over. Google's smart enough to figure out if a link is fake - and this makes SEO both tricky and risky. Google has cast a big trap for anyone trying to game it's algorithm. You can't say "Here's how we're going to generate links that will fool Google". As soon as you start going down that road, it's not going to end well.

So, the general SEO strategy has to be whereall links to your website are created as a side benefit of doing something that you would want to do anyway.In this case, that "something" is online marketing via social media.

A secondary strategy involves reviewing the conversion rate, bounce rate of your website and make any needed changes to ensure that as high a percentage of possible of people that visit the website also become customers.

If you’d like, I can ask my assistant to review your business, and create a social media marketing plan that makes sense for you. My feeling is that this online marketing plan will center around Facebook, but that we won't want to avoid LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest.

We'll also carve out a budget for reviewing, and making suggestions to improve, the revenue / visitor generated by your website. Google can tell if people find your website interesting, and Google rewards websites that have interesting, high quality content with high rankings.

So, SEO has changed, but we like it better now. You work hard to generate revenue and publicity via social media marketing (which is useful in its own right), and as a side effect, your rankings improve.

What Links are OK?
Common red flags are:
  • Massive amounts of mass products, identical links across multiple similar sites. An example of this would be one blog article posted on 1,000 blogs, the same social media comment on 1,000+ social media or bookmarking sites, or 1,000 fake twitter accounts all talking about your website, and using the exact same post.
  • not enough branded keywords, (it' not natural if your are "ABC Shoe store", and all the websites that link to you use "buy Seattle shoes". If people are really talking about you, some will use your company name. If nobody i using your company name when they link to you, your links are fake and they will be ignored by Google.
  • poor distribution of SEO keywords and in the anchor text of your backlinks (this is similar to above, if the content of links aren't natural, Google can use a statistical analysis find the patterns, and realize that the buzz is fake).

So, how do you avoid Google Penalty?
It's OK if we do something that generates a small ROI without SEO. But it has to generate something. If a link has no other marketing value aside from SEO, then it is a fake link. And if it is a fake link, Google will find out eventually.

This is the question we have to ask ourseves... "If we ignore SEO, and someone else would fund 2/3 of the marketing expense, would we do it?"

Generating real links is a challenge, and I wouldn't want to just jump in with a large budget right away. Here's the strategy.
  1. Create/modify an online marketing strategy that makes sense without considering SEO.
  2. Start slow, tweak online marketing strategy, and make sure it's working.
  3. Optimize online marketing strategy for SEO.

We find that step #1 is largely reliant on social media marketing (Facebook, Twitter, Google Local, Google+, Pinterest, etc) as well as a few other Q/A and discussion sites (Reddit, Wikki answers, local reviews, etc). It's best to start slow, monitor what's working, what isn't, and ramp up over 2-3 months.

If you're reading this, you've probably been penalized by google. It's unfortunate, but we'll help you recover by doing real online marketing. This SEO marketing will get you more traffic from Google, but that's almost a side benefit.

Email or call us us! We'll help you move beyond a cat and mouse game of trying to fool Google by creating fake links.

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