In the past decade, search engine optimization has become the most popular online marketing method. Not only for SEO’s ability to increase a website’s ranking on search results, but also for its capacity to capture the attention of increased site visitors and sales. Today, many savvy marketers, refer to search engine optimization as the most important tool for online survival. However, because of the undeniable finesse for influencing search results, many less reputable firms have tried to ruin the system bit by bit. Today’s more ethical SEO companies consider many of these methods to be considered black hat techniques.

Black hat techniques are often practices developed to contradict the effects of ethical SEO. One might even say that such techniques aim to manipulate search results to provide a greater disadvantage to white hat-powered sites. While other search engines are oblivious to these manipulation attempts, Google has already addressed the issue several times through its Google Penguin and Panda algorithms. These recent updates were launched to better regulate and eliminate the use of black hat techniques such as spamdexing, content duplication, and keyword stuffing. While the Google Penguin algorithm has done a good job of hampering these techniques, it is still up to SEO expert companies to counterattack and help regain affected sites through ethical means, improving site rankings.

An SEO expert company should exclude the practice of black hat techniques
At Bergstrom SEO, Inc., we fully understand the logic behind these Google algorithms. As a trusted and ethical SEO expert company, we’ve already discerned the proper steps to assess the penalized black hat techniques. This experienced and knowledge enables us to implement effective strategies for damage control, and ultimately assists us in helping our clients regain improved search engine rankings.

Google is cracking down on black hat blunders and will likely continue to make future improvements in this area. Companies must become more aware of the recently penalized unethical practices; so that they don’t fall prey to less reputable SEO players in the market. Learning more about Google Panda and Penguin updates provides expanded information that may help businesses improve their online awareness long term.