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Search Engine Optimized Social Media Marketing Plan

Social media sites are also easily one of the best places to connect with your customers, both existing and potential – and generate revenue as a result. If done well, your social marketing strategy will connect you directly to people who are genuinely interested in the services or product you provide, allowing you to build relationships, loyalty, brand awareness and generate sales as a result. You can use your social media profiles to actively direct traffic back to your website where, ideally, you’ll convert that traffic into sales.

And with 73% of online adults being active on at least one social media site, it would be foolish for you to not be there too. It’s just good marketing.

On top of that, it’s good search engine optimization (SEO). Google and Bing both confirm that social signals factor into a site’s ranking. Social signals include things like:
  • How many Facebook likes and shares a URL has.
  • How many tweets and retweets a URL has.
  • How many +1s a URL has.
  • The authority of the person sharing a URL via social networks.
And the most effective way to get more likes and shares on any given social network is to build an active and engaged audience there. We have found that when you focus on creating a strong social media presence, Google interprets the social media buzz around your website as a sign that you’re important, and you’re rankings tend to increase.

The truth? Social media can be a wildly effective marketing and SEO strategy… if you do it well. Here are a few things to consider:
  • Not every social network is right for every business. Each network has a slightly different user demographic, and some will naturally align better with your ideal clientele than others.
  • Not every strategy is right for every business. Depending on your audience and your service or product, one or another outreach strategy will work best for you. Simply copying another company’s strategy is very unlikely to be effective.
  • You don’t need to be active on every social network (see bullet number one above). Most of us don’t have the kind of time it would require to maintain an endless list of social profiles. Pick the one or two that makes the most sense for your business, and be really good at those ones. Don’t be afraid to leave the rest alone.
  • Content is king. You’ve heard it said before, and that’s because it’s true. You cannot “game” this. If you want people to like and share your content, then you’re going to have to produce like- and share-worthy content. It’s that simple.
  • Social media is a “use it or lose it” environment. It’s consistent interactions over time that will bring you results. Don’t expect to be able to login to an account once a month, post some haphazard messages, and forget about it until the next month. It won’t work.
  • Social media is an online conversation. Imagine you’re at a cocktail party and you overhear two people talking about training to run a half-marathon. You could march over to them and, without so much as an introduction, shout, “I sell running shoes. Buy from me!” But that would be awkward, rude, and probably wouldn’t land you the sale. Think of social media like a conversation at a cocktail party. That doesn’t mean you can’t sell your product or service, but you must do it in a way that naturally fits into the conversation in progress.
It’s also important to note that Black-hat techniques aren’t going to work – at least not for long. Social networks are all about real conversations, real connections, and building real relationships with real people. That’s a lot of “real,” and it makes anything fake stand out like a sore thumb. As a result, users of social networks are highly sensitive to any communication that feels disingenuous, automated, or mass-produced – and the networks have responded by making it REALLY easy to report an account as spam. So, while social media can be a great marketing resource for your business when done well, it can also implode very quickly if you do it poorly.

But don’t worry. We won’t let you do it poorly.

Here are just a few of the services we can provide to help you run a successful social media marketing and link-building campaign:
  • Social strategy development;
  • Creating and driving your social content plan;
  • Social content promotion campaigns and advertising;
  • Influencer and audience identification and outreach;
  • Community management best practices;
  • Analytics and reporting
One of the most common questions we get asked about social media is which network is the best to join for marketing purposes. There is no single right answer here, because the best network for your business depends on what service or product you provide, who your audience is, and what your goals are. We’ll help you figure out which network (or combination of networks) will be the best vehicle for your business’s social presence, but here’s a quick overview of each of the major players.

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